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Title: Grey Umbrella
Release Date: June 9, 2021
Label: Gertrude Tapes

1. Steel City
2. Groovy Dance Party
3. Siam I Am
4. Radical Robots
5. Creepy Clocks
6. Giant Spiders from Mars
7. Pots and Pans
8. Whipshaw
9. Ham & Eggs
10. Kiss me on the Cheek
11. Vikings from Zeeland
12. Central Station
13. One Armed Bandit
14. Sticky Feet

"Dennis Young is best known for his multi-instrumental work with the NYC no wave/post-punk band Liquid Liquid. Much like that pioneering group he has continually pursued and mashed together different genres (including a recent album of singer-songwriter material), releasing albums on Bureau B, Elevator Bath, Staubgold and many others.
Grey Umbrella was completed in several stages - the first being in 2017 when Dennis recorded a number of live jams using a Roland Groovebox paired with a synthesizer. The project sat until 2019 when he gathered a number of musician friends to add live instrumentation (including vocals by Sal Principato on the track 'Sticky Feet') and the tracks found new light and even danceability.
Like all of his work, Grey Umbrella is both highly listenable and challenging at the same time."
- Gertrude Tapes 2021

All music produced by Dennis Young
Recorded and mixed at Home Studio in South Plainfield, New Jersey
Mastered by A.F. Jones at Laminal Audio
Artwork and design by Brad Kleiman

Special guest musicians:
James Bally - melodica
Ray Bally - electric guitar
Joe Braverman - tenor sax and flute
James Duncan - trumpet
Brad Kleiman - electric bass and electric guitar
Sal Principato - lead vocals and bongos

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