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Open Roads cover.jpg

Title: Open Roads
Release Date: June 1, 2021
Label: Day & Nite Music

1. Open Roads
2. Fallen from Grace
3. Warrior of the Light
4. Bottom of the Hill
5. Wait for Me
6. Sweet Anna
7. Cold
8. Sirens
9. Bordertown
10. My Lady in Red
11. The Dark Knight
12. Harry the Painter
13. So it Goes...
14. Lazy Afternoon
15. Disappear
16. What it Takes - digital bonus track
17. A Thousand Years - digital bonus track

all music produced by Dennis Young

recorded and mixed by Dennis Young at home studio, South Plainfield, NJ USA 2020
Dennis Young - vocals, acoustic guitar, assorted percussion, harmonica on "My Lady in Red"
Noah Teachey - viola & cello
Brad Kleiman - electric bass on "Lazy Afternoon","Open Roads", and "Sweet Anna";
electric slide guitar & keyboards on "Bordertwon"
mastered by Alan Jones/Laminal Audio
artwork designed by Brad Kleiman
photography by Sinitta Leunen courtesy of "Unsplashed Community"
published by Day & Nite Music/BMI 2021

thanks to Alan Jones, Brad Kleiman, & Janis Young.
Special thanks to Noah Teachey, for without him, Open Roads would not have happened.

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