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Title: Reel To Real
Release Date: January 30, 2015
Label: Staubgold

1. Big Boom
2. Gravitation
3. Panic In The Air
4. Little Girl
5. Unknown Origins
6. Radio Transmission 1
7. Overdub Dub
8. Space Reserved
9. Aliens
10. Forbidden Planet
11. Drum Solo
12. Tape Interface For Guitar
13. Sprayed
14. Signals In Time
15. More Is Less
16. Contortions

"Back in 1982 at the age of 24 I bought my first recording equipment a - 2 track Teac reel-to-reel-tape-recorder. I already owned a number of analog synthesizers, an electric & acoustic guitar, various effect boxes, and a full drum set. The music was recorded live over a two year period (1982-1983) when I was still playing in LIQUID LIQUID. I was busy with the band but I still found time at home to experiment with my own sound using various instruments & vocal effects.
In early 1984 I bought my first 4 track cassette machine which ended my live reel-to-reel recording phase. The tapes were boxed up and put into storage for the next 30 years. About six months ago I was going thru some old boxes and happened to find the tapes again. I was curious to hear what I had on those tapes so I purchased another Teac reel-to-reel-tape- recorder. To my surprise there was a lot of music to choose from these recordings, so after hours of listening I came up with a set of songs that I thought was the best representation of my work from this period. Thanks to Staubgold I am able to share this unique recording experience with you, the listener."
- Dennis Young

recorded live at home studio by Dennis Young
in Edison, New Jersey, USA between 1982 and 1983
edited and arranged in Summer 2014

all songs produced by Dennis Young
publishing by Day & Nite Music/ BMI 2014
mastered by Tom Ruff at Asbury Media

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